Interview With Mary McCartney

Many moons ago I worked at a photo agency in London, known as London Features International. It was and still is an established entertainment photo agency, orginally created in 1971 and produces celebrity images from all over the globe, daily. Well, Mary McCartney was a frequent visitor to our offices, she I believe worked at the time for several magazines as a picture editor and would come in and sort through the images she liked, that was fun, we'd have tea.

I haven't touched base with her for a long time now, must do that but an article in The Telegraph this morning caught my eye. Roya Nikkhah has interviewed Mary and discussed with her her photography, fashion, her late mother and of course Paul. You can read the complete interview here - it's a good read.


Paul McCartney riding an appaloosa in Arizona Photo: Mary McCartney


Linda McCartney with daughter Stella Photo: Mary McCartney


A 'softer' Tilda Swinton Photo: Mary McCartney

‘From Where I Stand’ a new book by Mary is published by Thames & Hudson at £19.95. An exhibition of Mary McCartney’s photographs will be at The Michael Hoppen Gallery, London, from Oct 22 Nov 20. A display of 12 portraits from the book will be exhibited in the Bookshop Gallery at the National Portrait Gallery, London until April 10 2011. Mary McCartney will be signing books at Selfridges on October 22 from 6pm to 7pm.

Read the complete interview from The Telegraph here


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