David Bailey - Super Models to Super Powers

David Bailey more normally seen safely locked away in a studio somewhere photographing super models recently took a trip to Camp Bastion the main British military base in Afghanistan. 'The scale of the camp makes Ridley Scott's war movies look like a boy scout's exercise, IHeroes've never seen so many trucks and armored cars - it is mind-boggling' says David Bailey. Bastion is filled with 15,000 troops living on a base that is four miles long and two miles wide, along with 500 planes and helicopters flying in and out all day and night.
Despite being placed in a 12-bunk tent he and most of the troops found it too hot to sleep. They all stayed up talking until two or three every morning and then up for duty at 6 am and working until 10 pm most days.

Bailey lived through some pretty awful experiences whilst at the camp, 'an American solider got his arms and legs blown off, while we were there' he said. The thing he most feared though was the Camp Bastion siren, once that is sounded all the communications on the base are shut down - it sounds when a solider has been injured, or worse. The communications are closed so the internet doesn't find out before the next of kin. 'That was depressing, it went off three or four times a day', said Bailey.

Bailey's images from Afghanistan has been made into a book entitled Heroes with text by Dylan Jones - it is published by Thames & Hudson and will be available to buy on October 25 for £24.95. All proceeds will go to the Help for Heroes charity.


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