The Bouncy Castle Inflatable Photo Studio - Now You Know About It You'll Want One

Hands up, who isn't fed up with the rising prices of studio hire - no hands? Exactly, well Brian Hedenberg, a fashion, beauty and commercial photographer from New York City decided to do something about it. No, not negotiate a cheaper deal but design an inflatable photo studio - now why didn't I think of that.......

What Is It?


Well, it is made from a 6-10 mm tough thick plastic that's welded together at the seams. It folds up to a 2'x2'x4' box and weighs 40 lbs. There are several standard sizes of studio available to buy, although you can order your very own bespoke size. The larger standard size one has two entrances at either side. Its got reinforced flooring but will need to be placed on a hard surface, so forget about placing it on the lawn. Soft ground will increase backdrop wrinkles and puncture from high heels, unless of course, you put a board underneath. There's an air vent on the left side to allow for the inflow of air from the fan that can be moved to or away from the model.

How Much Will It Cost You?


The large inflatable photo studio with fan will cost you $499 and without the fan $349. The smaller studio with a fan is $399 and without $329, or you can buy both with fans for $749 or without for $449. The photo studio comes with a one year guarantee and the fans are covered by their own manufacturers warranty.

To find out more about this studio, go here


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