Sleeping Beauties - War Torn US Paratroopers Asleep - A 9/11 Fitting Tribute?

On this day nine years ago the world was shocked to the very core with the 9/11 atrocities and yet still the soldiers continue 'our' war on terror.

In a somewhat reality check of the continuing madness of the world, Tim Hetherington, born in Liverpool, UK, who studied literature at Oxford University and later returned to college to study photojournalism and is now based in New York and is a contributing photographer for Vanity Fair magazine; spent 15 months between 2007 and 2008 along with reporter Sebastian Junger, shadowing Battle Company's Second Platoon, part of the Second Battalion of the US army's 503rd Infantry Regiment.

The journalists compiled their work into a documentary, Restrepo, and a book of photography, Infidel, both released next month, illustrating how they shared food, patrols and sleeping quarters with the soldiers. The longer the reporters stayed, the deeper their vista became. They discovered that these child-like dreamers could also weep over lost colleagues or explain to local villagers why they had wounded their children in a way that demonstrates more than the stereotypical muscle bound killing machines.

'Infidel' will be on show at Host Gallery, London EC1 from 20 September to 15 October,; the book will be published by Chris Boot on 7 October, priced £25. The documentary, 'Restrepo', goes on general release in the UK on 8 October 2010.

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Kelso, from Battle Company's 2nd Platoon, in the Korengal Valley
Specialist Luke Nevala


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