Panasonic's Ideas For Life - Announce AF105 Micro Four Thirds Camcorder - Interchangeable Lense Not Included

The AF105 otherwise known as AF100 in Europe is the first camcorder in the world to offer a Four-Thirds sized sensor, and in addition provides 1080/60i or 1080/30p AVCHD video recording skills. "Cinema" lenses can also be fitted on via an extra adapter. Video is recorded in AVCHD format. The PH mode for professional high quality video with a bit rate of 24Mbps 1 is also supported. Two SD card slots allow relay recording from one SD (SD / SDHC / SDXC) card to another to give large recording capacity of up to 12 hours 2 in PH mode or 48 hours 2 in HE mode.

The price is set at ¥837,900 (about $9,960) and launch is expected this December 2010.

Micro Four Thirds lens mount


Diversified Micro Four Thirds single-lens still camera lenses can be used for shooting video. The adapter mount allows 35mm film camera lenses or prime lenses to be attached to make possible a wide variety of visual expressiveness from each lens particular tone.

Four Thirds type MOS sensor


Equipped with a Four Thirds type MOS sensor for an imaging area* almost the same as that of 35mm film. Use of film lenses allows easy recording of filmic tone video with a shallow depth of field.

Detachable Handle And Grip


The professional camera recorder design with grip, handle, large-sized high quality view finder (1.14cm (0.45 inches) / 1.226 million dot equivalent [852 x 480 x 3 (RGB)]) on a lightweight / compact body, along with a 16:9 color LCD panel (8.76cm (3.45 inches) / 921,000 dot (1920 x 480)), supports smooth camera operation. The handle and grip are detachable for diverse peripherals and applications.

Additional Features


Internal ND filter: 1/4, 1/16, 1/64 or Off (rotary switch).
Focus-assist function: edge coloration, focus bar display.
DRS (Dynamic Range Stretch): automatically reduces compression of black or blown highlights in high contrast scenes.
Thumbnail viewing, clip deletion and SD card to SD card copying and meta-data recording functions.
Pre-rec and Interval rec functions.
Relay recording: Relay recording from one SD card to another without interrupt.
WFM display function: the wave form of the video being recorded is easily displayed on an LCD monitor.
Shot mark function: the useful shot mark function allows marking of clips as good, bad or others.
User buttons: three user buttons allow high-frequency functions to be performed with a single push.
Audio volumes: allows manual adjustment of audio inputs (2 ch).
Video output (pin jack x 1), HD/SD SDI output (BNC x 1), HDMI output (HDMI Type A x 1).
USB 2.0 (Type B) allows connection to PC/Mac.
XLR audio inputs (XLR x 2, Line/Mike selectable, +48V compatible), Internal microphone (stereo).
Audio outputs (RCA x 2), Headphone (stereo mini jack x 1 (3.5mm diameter)).
Camera Remote (super mini jack x 1; zoom, S/S, mini jack x 1; focus, iris).1; focus, iris).

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Written by Joanne Carter


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