Olympus 'Back Tracks' Over End To Four Thirds Commitment

Following the published interview yesterday by QUESABESDE.COM, 43Cameras have reportedly been contacted by Olympus to clarify some ideas explained in the interview. The translation to different languages seems to have distorted the original meaning – at least according to Olympus.

This morning Miquel Angel Garcia stated during a conversation on the Olympus photokina booth: “Of course we will not stop the production of Four Thirds lenses of our current catalogue”
The original statement included the words “right now” – and Olympus wants to emphasize this temporal term. In other words, although there are no Four Thirds lenses currently under development, it does not mean that there will be no future lenses based on this technology.
“We are currently concentrating on developing Micro Four Thirds lenses, but the Four Thirds System Technology is alive and we will use it whenever necessary”, they insist.
In line with this, the company underlines its commitment to the E-System users. As an example, the spokesperson reminded us that even today Olympus just launched a firmware update for some of its professional lenses which promises a much better performance with E-5.”
Well, that's a turnaround - what do you think?


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