Olympus Statement 'All Cameras Will Be Mirrorless in the future'

News just in via 43Rumors, confirms what we have been thinking for some time, apparently, Mark Thackara, UK Product Manager for Olympus, spoke with Amateur Photographer magazine and said this “We will continue to do these [Four Thirds cameras] until micro cameras can do what other products can,” and “All cameras will be mirrorless in the future.”
A spokesperson from Olympus Europe, Franziska Jorke, went on to say, the autofocus and burst rate of DSLRs as still being superior to Micro Four Thirds models, along with the optical viewfinders. Jorke predicted that the concept of a camera ‘will change in 5-10 years’. However, in a bid to reassure photo enthusiasts, she said there will always be an Olympus camera body available – whether a DSLR or another type of camera altogether – to allow users to benefit from current Four Thirds lenses.

Written by: Joanne Carter


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