Mirrorless 22MP Canon EIS Camera Rumored

Chinese whispers have been busy this weekend, apparently reporting on a new high-end Canon range, EIS. Apparently using an Electro Image System. With HD video recording at 1080p at 30/24/25 fps. ISO from 100-6400 that can be increased to 25-25600.
With two lens kits available, a 12-75 f2.8-4.0 IS Macro and 75-300 f3.5-5.6 IS, in addition with the full lens choices including a 5mm F4 fisheye, 8-25mm F4 wide-angle zoom, 14mm F2 pancake, 25mm F1.2 pancake, 45mm F1.5 pancake, and 65mm F2.0 Macro.
It's also been said it will have an LCD touchscreen, dual SD memory card slot, and work with EF lenses via an EF - EIS adapter. Wow, this would be fantastic if brought to fruitution.
Written by: Joanne Carter
Chinese Source

UPDATE: According to the Google translation, the back-illuminated CMOS sensor is 18x12mm, exactly a quarter (1/4) the area of a full-frame 35mm sensor, and close to the micro Four Thirds format of 17.3x13mm. But, I reckon this is a hoax. Why is there a pentaprism, if it's supposed to be a "mirrorless" camera?


  1. The lenses would suggest that it will have smaller than APS-C sensor :O


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