Epson announce Stylus Pro 4900 wide format printer, launches Signature Worthy media

Epson's latest photo-printer to add the impressive 11-colour UltraChrome HDR ink-set is the 17-inch (A2+) large format SP 4900. The new printer will have a price of £2295 (inc tax) and will be available from November 2010. The company has also announced a new range of media to support Epson's Digigraphie initiative. Please see below for further details.

New 17-inch printer offers professional photographers a super-wide colour gamut with automated colour accuracy

21 September 2010 – Epson® launches the Stylus Pro 4900 – a 17-inch production printer setting new standards in colour precision for the photography and fine art markets. Delivering the best print quality for commercial photographs and fine art reproduction, the printer boasts outstanding colour consistency and accurate colour matching. Its high level of automation and robust mechanism make the Epson Stylus Pro 4900 a highly productive workhorse for the print studio environment.

Creating exceptional photographs and fine art images is easy with the Epson Stylus Pro 4900, thanks to one of the widest colour gamuts on the market. Colours on the print are identical to that of the original image, even when reproduced on a wide range of media. The optional in-line SpectroProofer ensures repeatable colour accuracy and will accurately measure colour charts enabling the data to be used for custom media ICC profile creation.

Every print has a professional finish with precise and consistent colour reproduction. This comes from the printer driver’s advanced halftoning technology, coupled with Epson’s 11-colour UltraChrome HDR inks and Advanced-TFP print head for superior dot quality. These technologies are identical to those used in Epson’s larger format production printers up to 44 inches.

The Epson Stylus Pro 4900 represents a big boost in productivity, with a production speed of 46m2/hour and minimal maintenance requirements. Its high capacity front-loading cassette makes inserting paper easy, and automated paper changing means no time is wasted switching between cut sheet and roll paper. The printer also switches automatically between photo and matte black inks. All inks come in high capacity 200ml cartridges for less frequent changes and better value.

Martin Johns, market development manager for large format printers at Epson UK, says: “Offering photographers outstanding flexibility, the Epson Stylus Pro 4900 creates better-than-lab-quality prints on a wide range of media up to 1.5mm thick, including 330gsm Traditional Photo media presentation matte board, canvas and fine art paper. Users can select a paper path that best fits their needs from a choice of cassette, top and front manual board feed or roll.”

Qualified by ENERGY STAR, the Epson Stylus Pro 4900’s energy efficiency enables users to save money, be more environmentally considerate and keep power consumption down.

The Epson Stylus Pro 4900 is priced at £2295 and will be available from November 2010.

Key Features Summary
11-colour UltraChrome HDR ink set
Reliable Advanced-TFP print head
Print speed of 46m² per hour
High capacity front-loading cassette
200ml high capacity cartridges
Optional inline SpectroProofer
Automatic switching between cut sheet and roll paper
Automatic switching between photo and matte black inks, which are pre-installed
ENERGY STAR qualified
Choice of paper paths - cassette, top and front manual board feed or roll
Print on media up to 1.5mm thickp to 1.5mm thick.

Epson launches Signature Worthy Media

High-quality media builds on Epson’s Digigraphie credentials

21 September, 2010 - Building on the success of its quality-assured Digigraphie print solution, and responding to its customers’ requirements for a dedicated, high-quality fine art and photography media range, Epson has launched its Signature Worthy brand; a way for users to clearly identify the products in its premium media line-up.

The Signature Worthy range will include Epson’s highest-quality cut-sheet media products that enable the best possible print results for artists and photographers alike. When used in combination with Epson’s Stylus Pro print technologies and UltraChrome inks, the Signature Worthy media will deliver Digigraphie-approved results allowing fine art and photographic artists to produce limited, certified editions of their original works, as well as guaranteeing exceptional image quality and durability.

Martin Johns, market development manager, Epson UK, said: “Launching the Signature Worthy brand is an important step for Epson as it will allow our customers and end users to more easily identify our premium media. These media options, as part of the Digigraphie solution, enable artists and photographers to add value to their limited edition prints, so it’s vital that they are accurately identified and used to their best advantage.

“We have a reputation for our image quality and Digigraphie capabilities and are confident that the new Signature Worthy brand will help reinforce our position as a leader in high-quality photographic and fine art image reproduction.”


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