Enlight Photo make Frio official

Enlight Photo, makers of the hugely popular Orbis ring-flash, has unveiled the Frio, a coldshoe that allows you to attach your portable flash-gun to anything with a 1/4-inch screw: light stand, tripod head, clamp, and the rest. There's no word yet on pricing or availability.

Update 1/28/11: It's available now and from here.


Auckland, New Zealand, 21/09/10
Cheeky innovation from award winning accessory company enlight photo
Cute, sassy and damn handy the frio™ is a revolutionary take on the essential photography accessory, the coldshoe, also known as a hotshoe adapter. The frio™ is the world’s only universal hotshoe adaptor with a unique dual-locking mechanism. That means your shoot will never fall apart again.
Created by the makers of the award-winning orbis™ ring flash, the frio™ is an essential tool for any serious imaging professional or keen amateur. It allows you to attach all your hotshoe gear to anything with a tripod stud, giving you the freedom to connect, combine and create! The itsy-bitsy frio™ is totally pocketable, lightweight and warm to the touch. It fits perfectly in your pocket, designer clutch or wizard’s pouch.
This is the first time such an important piece of gear has been created using modern end-to-end design principles. The frio™ is handy, really handy.
Your Flash + The frio™ + Light Stand = Megan Fox in a swimming pool full of money
On Monday the world famous Strobist.com website posted an exclusive preview of the frio™. Up until now the exact design of the frio™ has been kept extremely confidential. Only three of the little critters have been released from the wilds from pre-production. You can find the full independent review at www.strobist.com
In a surprise move, enlight photo announced that they will be sending 50 of the frio™ coldshoes to the first photographers who bought the orbis™ ring flash back in 2008, before the new adaptors are even available in-store.
“Many companies talk about owing everything to their customers, but never actually show their thanks. I’m going to, by giving stuff away. orbis™ photographers rock and without them I wouldn’t be able to launch the frio™. So I figured a great way to say thanks will be to send 50 frios™ the first 50 people who bought an orbis™.” - enlight photo director James Madelin.

For a full list of resellers please go to www.orbisflash.com/products-page/ To receive updates about pricing and availability sign up to the mailing list at www.friocoldhsoe.com


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