CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year 2010 Award Winners.

The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) Environmental Photographer of the Year honours amateur and professional photographers who use their ability to raise awareness of environmental and social issues. The competition encourages entries that are contemporary, creative, resonant, challenging, original and beautiful. But most of all, we want your pictures to inspire people around the world to start taking care of our environment.
Take a look at this years winning entries. For more details, click here
An amazing picture of thousands of rays swimming through the ocean in a colossal school has scooped top prize in the CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year 2010 awards. The group of Munkiana Devil Rays were spotted in Baja California Sur, Mexico, by German conservation photographer Florian Schulz. He described how he was able to capture his jaw-dropping image named Flight of the Rays: "During an aerial expedition I came across something I had never seen before. Not even my pilot, who has surveyed this area for 20 years, had seen anything like it. As we got closer we started to discover its nature: an unprecedented congregation of rays. The group was as thick as it was wide, all heading towards the same direction. I have asked around why this took place but no one has been able to explain it to me. After such a unique sighting, I realise there are so many marvels in the oceans that we are yet to understand"
The Young Environmental Photographer of the Year title was taken by Radoslav Radoslavov Valkov. Amateur Radoslav, 20, created his stunning macro image of a fly drinking from a dew drop on a blade of grass in his back garden in Bulgaria
Winning photographers will have their images showcased in a free international exhibition, which launches at The Air Gallery in London from October 25-30
Winner of Natural World group: Bence Mate's picture of a hummingbird attacking a green pit viper.
Winner in the Quality of Life group: G.M.B. Akash's picture titled Life for Rent (Child Sex Workers in Bangladesh). Fifteen year old Nodi works as a bonded sex worker in a brothel in Faridpur - she was sold to the brothel by her stepmother.
Winner in the View of The Western World group: Rowan E Bestmann's picture 'Waste Not Want Not'. Supermarket workers climb into powerless freezers to empty and dispose of foodstuffs left to thaw after a major flood washed through the small country town of Charleville, Australia
Winner of the Innovation group: Rowan E Bestmann's picture of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. In an effort to improve the city's grey water runoff, the government of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia developed an innovative way to purify the water through a series of channels and causeways
Winner in the Under 16 group: Ksenia Sazonova's picture titled 'The Time has Stopped'
Winner of Changing Climates group - Ashley Cooper, from Cumbria: On December 5, 2009, the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition organised the Wave, a demonstration against climate change that attracted 50,000 people
Finalist in the Changing Climate group: Sue Floods' picture of the North Pole sign in melting ice and meltwater
Finalist in the Underwater group: Kaido Haagen's picture titled 'Hide and Seek'. A Grey Seal (Halichoerus grypus) at 2 meter depth near the island of Vilsandi, Estonia
Finalist in the Underwater group: Bela Nasfay's picture titled 'Birthplace' In one of the small spring-fed lakes of an Hungarian mountain, the European Common Brown Frogs have already laid their eggs on the bottom by April. The tadpoles are waiting for the moment of their birth
Finalist in the View of The Western World group: Peter Swan's picture 'Car Graveyard'. Crushed cars piled up ready to be sold as scrap metal, Inverkeithing Harbour, Scotland
Finalist for the Natural World Group: Julienne Bowser's picture of a wave at Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
Finalist for the Natural World group: Sandor Zsila's picture titled 'Argument' which shows three Collared Aracari birds on a branch.
Finalist in the Under 16 group: Alex Marttunen's picture titled 'Home Sweet Home' which shows a Hermit crab using a bottle top in place of a shell


  1. Fly + Dewdrop and the Hermit-crab with broken bottle-top are wonderful - and both by 'younger' photographers.


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