Black Magic by Pogus Caesar - A Book of Photographs

A book of photographs by Pogus Caesar celebrating Britain's iconic black musicians is to be published next month. The book features evocative, nostalgic and largely unpublished images of musical legends like Stevie Wonder, Grace Jones and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.

Most of Caesar’s photography is based around his home city of Birmingham, documenting a spectrum of well-known personalities and recording significant events including the Handsworth riots, Birmingham tornado and the regeneration of the Bullring.


“These images record a unique period in what would come to be called black British life,” expresses author and historian Paul Gilroy. Pogus Caesar’s emphatically analog art is rough and full of insight. He conveys the transition between generations, mentalities and economies.”

Reggae artists figures prominently, and appropriately, in the Caesar image canon - Burning Spear, The Wailers, Augustus Pablo, Rita Marley, Mighty Diamonds, Black Uhuru, Sly Dunbar, Steel Pulse etc. The photographer cites reggae itself is a significant influence, reflecting his own St Kitts background in the Eastern Caribbean.

The launch of Muzik Kinda Sweet (Amazon US) follows an exhibition of the work at the OOM Gallery in Birmingham earlier this year. The Amazon UK link can be found here: 
Muzik Kinda Sweet - Pogus Caesar

Read more here at OOM gallery.

Benjamin Zephania, 1987


Roland Gift


Sly Dunbar of Sly and Robbie


Grace Jones



  1. Excellent! I love Pogus's work. Where can we get copies of Muzik Kinda Sweet from?

  2. What a treasure trove of photos. Of course Sly worked with Grace Jones on some classic tunes.

    x from Stephan

  3. Pogus Caesar's new book is great, it's packed to the rafters with images of well known black artistes, and a neat foreword by Paul Gilroy. This Birmingham film maker and photographer has taken things to another level. However if and when there is a second edition, please hold the launch in London - as we are waiting for it!

  4. Good article about Muzik Kinda Sweet book in The independent

  5. British photographer, Pogus Caesar, is releasing an intriguing and investigative new book ‘Sparkbrook Pride’ that has been specially commissioned by Be Birmingham – Neighbourhood Management Programme and published by Punch and OOM Gallery Archive.

    The book will feature black and white photographs of Sparkbrook residents all taken with Caesar’s trademark Canon Sureshot camera. The foreword for the book is specially written by poet, playwright and novelist Benjamin Zephaniah and the book’s introduction by Paris based photographer Nigel Dickinson.

    During the autumn of 2010 Caesar regularly visited Sparkbrook and has produced a striking portfolio of images that document the diverse individuals who work and reside in the area. Long standing residents from the West Indies, Ireland, Pakistan, and India feature alongside the newer communities from Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan and Malawi are featured in the book.

    “I love the ‘rawness’ of these photos, they have a sense of place, yet nothing is staged, and the only information Pogus gives us about those featured is how they define themselves, nothing more. We need no more. So people – it is down to us to piece together the rest of this multicultural puzzle“. Benjamin Zephaniah

    Be Birmingham in association with Punch Records and OOM Gallery Archive will launch Sparkbrook Pride in Birmingham late February 2011. Watch this space…………

  6. I have copy of this book- fab pics.


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