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ClearCam 1.7 iPhone App

ClearCam 1.7 is a relatively new app that's been updated and now sports support for the 4th generation iPod Touch including faster and better algorithms. Current enhancements include:✓ Increased capture rate
✓ 17 new EXIF fields stored to the Cam Roll
- Exposure Time
- Aperature Value
- Focal Length Quick Mode Features Include ✓ Just point and shoot!
✓ Rapidly captures multiple images
✓ Keeps the best one to save you time
✓ Saves directly to the camera roll
✓ Retains GPS/EXIF/PLACES information Enhanced Mode Features Include ✓ Create images with 2X resolution (up to 11MP)
✓ Produce sharper images with much less noise
✓ Save images with GPS/EXIF/PLACES supportPrice: $1.99/Download

Canon G11 - iPhone App Training Video

A training video that explains the basic controls of the Canon G11. This video runs 1 hour and 20 minutes in length and can help new users become proficient with their camera in a short period of time. Price: $24.99/Download

Rick Sammon's Light It Light - iPhone App

Rick Sammon’s Light It Light! is an iPhone app that’s designed to help you make professional-quality digital SLR people pictures – without spending a small fortune on professional lighting accessories. Note: Requires iOS 4.1 and later.
The app (packed with 570 MB of info) includes video lessons. It’s called Light It Light! because the iPhone version contains all the same great Rick Sammon video lessons as the iPad version but does not have the extensive photo gallery nor Library section that is included in the iPad version, Light It!
Rick Sammon took the illustrative photographs with a range of digital SLR cameras – from entry-level to top-of-the-line models. While watching the video lessons, you’ll learn how pros photograph people indoors and outdoors, in bright light and in low light, at home and on location, and even in a studio.
In the easy-to-follow and fun video lessons, some of which were originally shot for Wiley Publishing, Rick will show you how to use reflectors, diffuser…

Professional Retouching Secrets by Karl Taylor - Is This The Most Expensive iPhone Photography App?

Well, at $129.95 it's certainly on the short list. This app has been designed to teach you some of the best kept industry retouching secrets used in professional advertising images to give your photographs that highly polished look. Apparently, you will learn the essential tools and techniques step by step for light shaping, skin smoothing, shading and much, much more.
So sounds good, this is just a prelimary preview and as soon as I can, I will review this app thoroughly to let you know if it's worth the ambitious initial investment. This application is aimed at photographers who want to improve the impact and dynamism of their portrait, fashion, beauty or product images. To get the best out of this training course you should have an understanding of the most common tools and rudimentary functions of Adobe Photoshop. Pro Masterclass Series Subjects - Perfect Skin Techniques
- Retaining Skin Texture
- Light Shaping and Enhancement
- Retouching Fine Detail
- Contrast and Sharpen…

'Nikon Lenses' - iPhone App

Here's a new iPhone app to hit the iTunes store, entitled 'Nikon lenses' - I was rather surprised that it wasn't called 'Nikkor lenses' as that is by what they are known but nevertheless it looks like a competent app. The app is a guide to Nikon's current lineup of F-Mount lenses used by both Nikon's digital and film SLR cameras. You can view all the lenses at once or you can view lenses in a selected category. You have the ability to sort by aperture, minimum focal length and ESP (Estimated Retail Price). If you would like to try out this app, download it for free, here

Zacuto rolls out Z-Finder EVF

Zacuto, the US-based video accessory maker, has introduced an new 3.2-inch 16x9 aspect monitor for their existing Z-finder models. The EVF (Electronic Viewfinder) has a 800x600 resolution and boasts HDMI loop through to use with HDSLRs and a pro-level external monitor simultaneously. Although not available for sale just yet, Zacuto are taking reservations for a February 2011 delivery. The price is expected be in the region of $775. For more information, please see either the video below, or follow the link at the bottom of the post. For more details, please follow the link.

British Storm Chaser, Roger Coulam's Electifying Weather Photographic Portfolio

Roger Coulam was born in Lincolnshire in 1965, but wound his way to the North East of England after an education in Yorkshire and then in Newcastle Upon Tyne, where he studied as an Environmental Scientist. Roger was one of the first UK photographers to capture the power and beauty of the weather, marking the way for many to follow. Much of this work was taken on film in Tornado Alley in the USA.
Not one to shy away from tornadoes, violent electrical storms or coast-battering waves to get the perfect shot, this adrenaline junkie's weather images are second to none. M434D1 - Explosive development - Kansas, USA

He has always been fascinated in the energies and the extremes of nature, and in 2000 he visited the USA to photograph lightning and to chase storms and tornadoes. This journey led to him becoming part of a Storm Chasing Team in the States for eight years, and forming a reputation as a severe weather photographer, with his pictures becoming published worldwide. 784C4 - Torna…

Canon puts nature in focus

Canon has announced a series of photography-based events at three Wildfowl and Wetland Trust (WWT) sites around the UK in November. The events run from 9.00am until 5.00pm. A full day’s booking will cost £79. For more details including purchasing tickets for the events, please see the links in the official UK press release below.

BJP's Vision returns

The world's longest running photography magazine, BJP, has announced its 12th year of Vision, a one day programme for imaging creatives. Featuring informative seminars, portfolio reviews and exhibitors, this years event is to be held on the 19th November at the Business Design Centre Islington, London. Registration prior to the event is £10 (£15 on the day), while the fee for portfolio review sessions is £25. For more information, please follow the link.

Let's Face It 7 - The Portraiture Award Competition

This is a wonderful competition to enter, photographers are encouraged to interpret the brief in the widest sense, portraying your subjects with emphasis on their identity as individuals. You may enter a single image or a series of up to six related images. Images can be of both people and/or animals. A private view and continuing exhibition of the winners work will be held at the Assembly Rooms in April 2011, this will be supported by a catalogue of the winning work. Current LPA Entries - Entry Number 13247 Naga Baba, Kumbh Mela, Haridwar, India

New Canon 2010 Photography Competition - Why Do You Love Football?

If you love football, American football that is, and you love photography then why not combine the two and enter this fantastic new competition sponsored by Canon. Canon U.S.A., Inc, a leader in digital imaging, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame are looking for the best youth football photos from across America. Football fans are encouraged to pick up a camera this season and show their passion for the sport through photography by entering the sixth annual “Why Do You Love Football?” photo challenge.
The nationwide amateur photo contest is divided into two divisions, Adults ages 18 and over and Teens 13-17, and consists of two categories. The category Action focuses on any image that captures football action during game play and Feature comprises any football imagery outside of game action. The winning photographer in both divisions will have the opportunity to attend Super Bowl XLV in North Texas and receive a trip to the 2011 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Celebration. The …

Free Photography Magazine - Online

Enjoy free online photography magazines? Who doesn't? Download PhotographyBB now - contents shown below. PhotographyBB magazine. Issue #32 (10MB PDF, 50 pages) covers a number of topics including:+ YouTube as a social media tool for photographers
+ protecting your gear while travelin'
+ photo-visit to the Adirondacks
+ Photoshop World coverage
+ digital noise primer
+ product photography with a single light source
+ post-processing tutorials
+ and more!Via: 1001NoisyCameras

Accidental Photographer - Francis Hills - The Tour Begins Today - September 28, 2010

Francis Hills is known as the Accidental Photographer, and for a compelling reason: seven years ago, after losing his job during the bust, he picked up a point-and-shoot and discovered his true passion. Today, Francis shoots celebrity, fashion and beauty from his New York Studio. A digital photography evangelist, he's worked closely with Hasselblad and Hewlett Packard, giving presentations about his photographic journey and demonstrating high-end digital photography, worldwide. His work is primarily shot on high resolution digital using medium format backs. Francis has appeared numerous times as photographer and judge on Scandinavia's Top Model, Norway's Top Model, Sweden's Top Model (as resident photographer) and TLC's Covershot TV shows. In 2007 Francis had the rare opportunity to fly to Africa and France to take portraits of the enigmatic French Foreign Legion, documenting first hand the Legionnaires for a book and exhibition. His work has appeared …

NEC adds 23-inch MultiSync PA231W to range

NEC make some of the best displays in the business, and the new PA231W seems like an ideal replacement for Apple's now no longer available 23-inch HD Cinema Display. The PA231W has a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution has dual digital DVI-D interfaces and features digital DisplayPort connection. However, if you're using a Mac with a mini-display port, you'll need one of these, or this. The PA231W is available now at $635 / £535 (plus VAT). NEC Display Solutions presents 23” model in the MultiSync® PA series

Future-proof features to increase productivity

London, 28 September 2010 – NEC Display Solutions is launching the MultiSync® PA231W, a 23-inch monitor in its award-winning PA series of professional class displays. The display, with its powerful IPS technology, delivers excellent picture quality in the new 16:9 format and includes sophisticated features such as a future-proof DisplayPort connection and ergonomic comfort through height adjustability. With a focus on improving user…

The Most Beautiful Insect Photos You Have Ever Seen

I'm totally serious, these images are fantastic. They represent a very distinctive style of brightly colored macro photography that Leon Baas has spent over eight years perfecting. I love them. A ladybird is pictured at the water's edge in this picture taken by Dutch photographer Leon Baas.

Leica release background video of M9 Titan

Leica has released an interview with the italian car designer of the M9 Titan, Walter de'Silva. Unfortunately for us English-only speakers, the video is in Italian, with German subtitles.Leica UK has kindly sent the DJP a selection of images to accompany the video. We're having some technical difficulties embedding the code, so please visit here, instead.