Prep to Page enlight photo launches their first micro- documentary

Auckland, New Zealand,
from Prep to Page    enlight photo launches their first micro- documentary, following the exploits of
adventure photographer Graeme Murray

Photo imaging innovators enlight photo launch their first micro-documentary this week. Follow Red Bull accredited adventure sports photographer Graeme Murray deep into the New Zealand rainforest on a real shoot for mountain bike magazine SPOKE.

Graeme has been shooting adventure photography and mountain biking for seven years. In 2006 he curated the world’s first international mountain bike photo exhibition. The film “from Prep to Page” gives unique behind-the-scenes insights for photographers interested in outdoor location photography and seeing how published work gets made.

The film features a cameo from Carena West, orbisTM muse and FHM Australia’s ‘Ultimate Girl Next Door’. Carena has also starred in various TV shows including Celebrity Treasure Island and the high octane Girl Racers reality TV series.

enlight photo have produced several short videos for online release, which include instructional lighting tutorials, behind-the-scenes photo shoots and TV news features.

enlight photo are the creators of the award winning orbisTM ring flash, which makes an appearance in the film, bringing portable studio lighting to the heart of the forest. The team are hard at work preparing the launch of their third exciting product, the frioTM; see for updates.


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