Black Rapid add women's RS-W1 strap to UK range

Press release:

Black Rapid RS-W1 Women’s strap

After many requests Black Rapid has designed a strap specifically for women, which provides comfort and speed of the R-Strap whilst adding a bit of elegance to help blend with dress apparel during formal events. The design team adjusted the R-Strap’s solid design pattern and developed a curved pattern specifically for the female form.

We are pleased to announce the release of Black Rapid’s RS-W1 as the world’s first camera strap designed specifically with the female in mind. It provides comfort, speed and durability along with graceful styling.
The RS-W 1 retails at $66 and in the UK for £65 (inc VAT).
More information can be found here.
Read our review of the Black Rapid RS-5 here.


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