Tiffen sponsor new Filter Forum

Press release:


Given the important role that filters play in photography, it is perhaps surprising that the average snapper doesn't appear to know their grads from their fogs. As an example, many DSLR users who may have 'switched codes' from film, are happy to continue employing skylight or UV filters as lens protectors. These filters have an adverse affect on a DSLR's auto white balancing systems and the only way to ensure an accurate reading is to go through the process of employing a gray scale card, which may be time consuming and inconvenient.

This is just one of the filter confusions from photographers and enthusiasts that Tiffen dedicated filter subsidiary The London Filter Company find themselves dealing with on a daily basis.

The answer to the lens protection issue, is to employ an optically pure filter from a leading brand, such as the Tiffen's ranges of Digital Ultra Clear filters, which will provide valuable protection but not require auto white balance compensation.
To provide a one stop filter knowledge base for photographers of all levels, The London Filter Company has announced that it is sponsoring the recently launched independent filter forum.


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