Pentax 645 available for pre-order

Specialising in Japanese products for export, Japan Trend Shop, has announced the availability of the new Pentax 645D (in Japan only, at this time). It's expected to be in stock from Thursday 20th May, and is available for pre-order now at $10,450, body only. Shipping is just $25 extra.

If you want the newly announced, weather-resistant, DFA 55mm f/2.8 lens to go with it , be sure to select the box below (on their site). It will add another $1,254, but seems like good value to me when compared with the Leica S2.


  1. Japan Trend Shop does everything in clear text. your account password is initially set in the clear, then they e-mail your password to you in the confirmation! Their SSL (https) cert expired in 2008. You can be assured your credit card info will be exposed to the world same as your login password.

    You might just want to pick up the phone to do your credit card portion of the order. However do you really want to give them your cc info if they have such disregard for security.

  2. Thanks for highlighting that.


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