Leica announce firmware update for S2

Leica has announced a firmware update for their ultra-high end S2 and S2P. The headline news here really is the addition of exposure correction in the viewfinder, which was an oversight, but all the other tweaks will be welcomed too.

Press release from Leica UK:

Firmware update for LEICA S2

22 April 2010: Leica Camera AG has announced a firmware update (v. for the LEICA S2 and S2-P, which will be downloadable from today under the Leica Owners’ Area on the Leica web site at:

Below is the full list of improvements provided by this firmware update:

Extended camera functionality

· Additional HMI white balance preset added (Hydrargyrum Medium-arc Iodide lamps)
· Additional viewfinder information: exposure correction
· Custom setting for depth of field preview button
· Selectable OLED screen standby time
· Control element lock (shutter speed and aperture dials can now be locked to prevent inadvertent shifts)
· Extended user-defined button programming (the stop-down button can now also be programmed)

Improvements in existing functionality and handling

· Consistent, continuous image numbering
· Accelerated data transfer speed for computer-tethered shooting
· Increased compatibility with memory cards not formatted in the camera
· Improved handling for selection of exposure modes
· Compatibility with new Leica Summarit-S 35mm and 120mm lenses
· Improvement in JPEG image quality
· Automatic detection of interchangeable focusing screens
· Improved image viewing on the camera display
· Simplified image review selection

All new LEICA S2 and S2-P cameras will be supplied with the updated firmware.

More details are available at: http://www.s.leica-camera.com/

Leica S2 with Summarit 70mm f/2.5 at f/11,
processed in Aperture 3


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