Canon PowerShot G11 vs G9

Canon PowerShot G9 v the new G11

You'll also notice a difference in the textured finish of the top-plate; it's plastic on the G11

Canon PowerShot G9 (left) v G11 (right). The G11 is taller and considerably deeper, thanks to the vari-angle screen.

Notice the smaller size of the rear command dial on the G11 (left); it's more fiddly in use.

I thought I would upload a quick series of shots showing the size comparison of the Canon PowerShot G11 against our own G9 (which we used for the unboxing video, in the previous post).

My first impressions are favorable, even though the vari-angle screen makes the G11 slightly larger than the G9 (and likely the G10, though I don't have one to hand).

One point I would like to share immediately is that I was a little shocked to see the rear of the G11 appears to be made of plastic, like the Nikon P5000/6000 series. That's a real shame, as both the G9 and G10 were the most rugged feeling compacts on the market.

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