Panasonic add 40mm-e f/1.7 'pancake' lens

As we reported earlier in the year (though it was unconfirmed at the time), Panasonic has introduced today the 20mm (40mm-e) f/1.7 'pancake' lens. It's considerably faster (brighter), at 1.3 stops, than the rival Olympus optic for the Pen E-P1, though that is a more desirable 17mm (35mm-e) focal length (in my opinion). Note it's too small to include a Mega O.I.S (Optical Image Stabilizer) unit, but you could use it with the Pen E-P1 with its built-in anti-shake system.

Press release:

New Micro Four Thirds Digital Interchangeable Lens
LUMIX G 20mm / F1.7 ASPH.
A Compact and Lightweight Pancake with Outstanding Brightness.

Today Panasonic unveils a new pancake lens called the LUMIX G 20mm / F1.7 ASPH (35mm camera equivalent: 40mm) for the LUMIX G Micro System. The new LUMIX G 20mm has an amazing compact and light weight design despite having an ultra bright and fast F1.7 lens aperture, allowing images to show an impressive soft focus.

Comprising of seven lenses in 5 groups, the new lens system uses two aspherical lenses most effectively to minimize both distortion and chromatic aberrations, achieving super high resolution corner to corner. The versatile 20mm of focal distance (Equivalent to 40mm on a 35mm film camera) is suitable for a wide variety of occasions from daily snapshots including sceneries like sunsets and dimly lit indoor shots to the creative shots taking advantage of its beautiful soft focus. Mounted on a LUMIX G Micro System Camera, the LUMIX G 20mm / F1.7 ASPH allows use of the advanced contrast AF system, which includes a Face Recognition function, for more convenient, more enjoyable shooting.

Seven blades give the aperture a rounded shape that produces an attractively smooth effect in out-of-focus areas when shooting at larger aperture settings. The new LUMIX G 20mm / F1.7 ASPH lens also features a highly reliable metal mount, and uses multi-coated lens elements that minimize ghosts and flare to further enhance its optical performance.

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