Canon announce 18MP EOS 7D

Canon announced today the 18-megapixel EOS 7D, a APS-C format DSLR that packs HD video with a range of manual settings and variable frame rates, including 24fps. It was an expected move, after all Canon regularly updates its APS-C size EOS models, and the 15-megapixel EOS 50D hadn't sold well. I reviewed it for several print magazines, and found its high ISO performance was lacking when compared with the previous model, the EOS 40D. I really liked the EOS 40D though it went largely unnoticed by other reviewers.

The new EOS sits at the top of the APS-C range (see here for the full press-release) and it's clearly targeting Nikon's excellent D300 (Nikon must of heard of the development of the EOS 7D and recently updated it to include video with the recent launch of the D300s). As well as HD video - the latest must-have feature (okay it's nice to have, but doesn't work well in DSLRs ergonomically speaking), I was more interested in the EOS 7D's improved sealing.

The diagram below shows the EOS 7D to have some sealing (marked in red), but it's not fully sealed like the EOS 1D models. Incidentally, the green marking denotes tighter seams, so the EOS 7D could be well protected. Indeed, Canon say it has the same level of sealing as the EOS 1V, which is supposed to be pretty good by all accounts. I haven't used a EOS 1V in heavy rain but I have a tried EOS 5D Mk II, accidentally, and it survived.

Read the full (UK/Europe) press release here.

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