Canon out 10MP PowerShot G11

As expected Canon today announced the upgrade to the high-end G10, called, not surprisingly, the G11. What is a surprise though, is that resolution drops from 14.7-megapixels to 10-megapixels (to reduce noise levels, and allow sensitivity up to ISO3200 at full resolution).

However, while industry pundits expected the sensor to be a CMOS unit, and maybe use a large DSLR format sensor, Canon stayed with the 1/1.7-in type that's usually reserved for digital compacts. Despite that, it seems like manufacturers are finally getting the message about pixel counts. Certainly rival Panasonic seem to be selling all they can make of the 10-million pixel LX3 / Leica D-Lux 4.

The image stabilized (IS) lens looks to be identical to the G10's, and we applaud the return of the vari-angle screen to the G-series compacts - not seen since the G7, if memory serves*. All that's missing is a fast maximum aperture. Still, you can't have everything, after all what would they sell you tomorrow?

According to Canon, the PowerShot G11 will be available from early October 2009 priced at $499 / £569.00 / €659.00 RRP inc. VAT. Can anyone tell me from Canon, why Europe is paying such a high price?

Read the full press release here.

Our friend David, over at the MacCreate site, had live coverage of the event from NYC.

The PowerShot G11 is available for pre-order at B&H Photo, Amazon US and Amazon UK.

* Never trust to memory when you can look up one of your own reviews; it was G6, not the G7, that was the last G-series to have an articulated screen.


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