Pentax K-7 HDR examples

Pentax K-7 + 35mm f/2.8 Macro Limited, HDR capture 'Strong'

With all its exposure mode options, many unique to Pentax (such as Sv, TAv and Hyper Program choices including options for the program lines), the new K-7 is a sweet camera for sure. I was also intrigued by the HDR (High Dynamic Range) option.

Somewhat clumsily selected from the main menu, this feature allows the K-7 to take three successive shots (JPEG only) using either Standard or Strong options and processes them in-camera to deliver a single HDR image.

I've posted some examples and comparisons above and below, and while the results are mixed (the softness is due to some movement in the trees - it was a little windy), the feature is an interesting addition; I've just got to find the right subject for it.

Pentax K-7+ 35mm f/2.8 Macro Limited, HDR capture 'Standard'

Pentax K-7 + 35mm f/2.8 Macro Limited, HDR 'Off' , additional D-range settings off.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of shortcomings using HDR capture. Firstly, as previously mentioned it's only available in JPEG mode (so all the image parameters, including WB are baked in), and you can't use the built-in self-timer, meaning you'll need a remote control.

There's also no built-in eyepiece blind either, so care has to be taken during metering. I haven't timed the in-camera processing, but it's in the region of 30 seconds or so. Oh, and you'll need a tripod too. I can easily recommend the Induro C414.

K-7 HDR 'Strong', converted using Nik Silver Efex Pro plug-in

I got to thinking one of the problems with my examples above was the excessive green (a real problem with our landscape), so I converted the first HDR capture (using the Strong setting) to B&W using Aperture and Nik Silver Efex Pro.

The result is much more worthwhile, I would say.

UPDATED August 01, 2009

Just for sheer devilment, I decided to do some quick HDR processing using a JPEG from the series I took that day. I rather like this one also, and I have a far greater control over the whole creative process.


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