New Nikon Next website launched

Nikon have launched a new website showcasing talent from around the globe as well as including some insights to the company.

While obviously a marketing led exercise, I always think it bodes well to see directors taking a personal interest in the products that represent the company's heritage.

Maybe that's why we have the D3 and D3x now, but there's no saying what's coming next.

Incidentally, the Nikon F eyelevel in the foreground is a very early example, No 6400078 (I think it said in the text). Either way the first 300 models are said to be unique using the Nikon SP's fabric shutter, wind-on lever and other components.

Subsequent models dropped the fabric shutter for the titanium foil type that was also used on the later F2, and F3 models, albeit slightly modified.

You can see the rangefinder Nikon SP behind and to the right of the model F. Although I own one of the first 3000 in chrome, complete with the first version 5cm f/2 'tick mark' lens. I for one would love to see that particular Nikon F up close.

UPDATE 15 July 2009:

More information on the site can be found here.



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