New Nikon D300S to be announced shortly?

Source, Nikon Rumors

I don't normally report on scuttlebut*, but the Nikon Rumors site is showing photos of the long-wished for HD video equipped D300s. Guess it won't be long before we'll find out if this and the D3000 are real or vapour-ware.

What I really would prefer to see are some new fixed focal length primes. The thing is that Nikon has positioned their pro-level bodies as 35mm full-frame (FX format) cameras and are unlikely (or able) to split resources introducing DX (APS-C) format primes.

Sure, we've seen the 35mm f/1.8 DX (50mm equivalent) introduced recently, but it's a damage limitation exercise. New primes, of interest to pros and enthusiasts, will likely be FX format.

That's the problem when you run two formats, and why makers like Pentax are able to channel their efforts into lenses like the DA (APS-C) format Limited lens range.

Makes it difficult for people to choose, doesn't it?

* Navy slang for hearsay.


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