Apple Juicz; refreshing the parts of your MacBook Pro that others can't reach

That title is probably misquoted, but Peartree Photo, one of the few official Leaf dealers in the UK are promoting a external battery pack for those power-hungry MacBook Pro's (mine never strays further than the length of the power-cable to the wall-socket).

Called apple juicz, the system is meant to remove the nightmare of power management when proofing and editing on location. It's claimed to deliver up to 8 hours power to the 17-inch MBP, and 10 hours for the 13 and 15-inch models.

There's no mention of weight or size (lets hope for your assistants' sake the picture above isn't to scale) but the system can provide as many 1000 recharge cycles and costs £450, presumably excluding our beloved VAT. For further information call Peartree Photo on 020 7033 7371or email them on info (at)


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