Induro C414; first impressions

I have some Induro carbon fibre tripods in for review, and my first impressions are very favourable. The top-of-the-range model, the C414, is a bit of monster, but every bit as impressive as the Gitzo equivalent.

Unlike Gitzo though, the naming convention makes a lot of sense; you can tell it's a carbon fibre model with series 4 tubing (the largest and greatest load bearing), has a centre column and 4-leg sections for a smaller pack-down size. Quoted load is 12kg, somewhat conservative in my view but I would imagine easily bearing that load when fully extended.

Body castings are magnesium alloy, though you wouldn't really know it from looking. Maybe the marketing guys need to do more there with the guys at the factory. If that wasn't enough, the Induro retail for a good deal less than the price of the Gitzo equivalents, come complete with a decent (padded) bag, tool kit and steel spikes.

I can see how they could be improved (a subject for another post, or maybe a proposal to the manufacturer, if they're interested) but what's not to like?

We didn't have a Carbonflex 8x CX214 (pictured above) when we wrote the macro tripod feature, as it was being redesigned at the time but we have one now, and may well post a specific review.

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