Up close & personal - macro tripod review part VI

Slik Sprint PRO II 3-Way $95 (£80) (inc head)

SPEC PANEL (inc head)

Max Height (column down): 132cm
Max Height (column up): 162cm
Min Height: 18cm
Leg Sections: 4
Closed Length: 68cm
Weight: 1.1kg
Load capacity: 2kg

Quality 3/5
Features & Design 3/5
Value for Money 3/5
Overall 3/5

Slik subscribes to the same point of view as rival Velbon, namely shorter legs should get you closer to your subject. That works to a point, if your subject is close to the ground, but you’ll have to rely on another (sturdy) platform if your macro subject is at waist level or so. That’s not because the Pro II isn’t capable of extending to the height of the others on test, but it too lacks a tilting column to get in close with the legs extended.

Despite that the Slik works reasonably well at low-level. With the centre-column removed, the leg joints allow the tripod to lie almost flat to the ground. Unfortunately the pan and tilt head has a limited range from the centre of the leg joints. And, like the Velbon, if the subject is small and at ground level the Slik simply can’t get low enough.

Still it’s a small price to pay for such portability, the Slik and Velbon really stand-out for their compact dimensions and low weight. All aluminium construction ensures durability and the Slik is much more rigid than you would expect. But loose fitting leg wraps and an average pan and tilt head seem at odds with the generally high build quality.

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