Military M-series Leica on eBay

Olive drab Leica M models were made specifically for the military, and not always for the German army (Bundeswehr). I saw an auction on eBay recently for one, an M4.2 made for the Italian army - Tank division. This one, with matching olive finish lens, currently on eBay is said to have been made for the Israeli army, but is without factory documentation.

Of course, spending $6,000 or more on a camera only to put it on display, in a private collection, isn't what it's all about, to my mind. If I had one, I would want to use it. And that goes for the latest iterations, now limited editions; the olive M8.2 Safari and the forthcoming white version. While the new pimped models might not have the same appeal, if you're fortunate enough to have the money to buy one, go take some pictures with it.


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