After Shake sensor cleaner announced for dust-busting DSLRs

Press release:

Austrian manufacturer GREEN CLEAN has developed a special cleaning set for DSLR cameras with an ultrasonic vibration cleaning system:

The “After Shake“ Sensor Cleaner.

More and more modern DSLR cameras have an Ultra Sonic or Super Sonic vibration system to shake loose dust particles off the low pass filter, which sits in front of the actual CCD or CMOS sensor. These so called “dust reduction systems” work to some degree, but cannot shake off welded-on dust and abrasions or oily substances and this is where the Green Clean After Shake Cleaning System is the safe and easy way to remove these!

“After Shake“ Sensor Cleaner:

• Use after the cameras Ultrasonic dust reduction shake
• Removes stains & “welded-on” dust
• “Wet Sweeper” with precise dosage of dissolving liquid
• “Dry Sweeper” with pre-treated textile

The Wet & Dry Sweepers SC-5070 come in a sealed double sachet. The Wet Sweeper has a pre-soaked foam tip with just the right amount of solution needed to dissolve any stubborn dirt or stains, which is then lifted off with the Dry Sweeper. The projecting edges of the Dry Sweeper’s pre-treated textile are excellent for cleaning right into the corners of the sensor, leaving a pristine sensor surface!


• 5 x Double sachet Wet & Dry Sweeper
• 1 x Clip & Flip Magnifying Glasses
• 1 x LCD Wipe 8 x 8 cm

The kit is now available from retailers at £23.50 + Vat.

For details contact the importers:

Flaghead Photographic Limited
01202 733 123


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