Accessories for macro photography

Tripods aren’t the only means of support for the macro photographer, especially if working close to or at ground-level. I've rounded up a few accessories that'll make life that little bit easier.

Gorillapod SLR Zoom $54.95 (£35).

This little table-top tripod uses a series of ball-joints to make up each of its three-legs, enabling not only ground-level access but allowing the legs to be wrapped around fence posts, branches and the like. The SLR-Zoom easily supports small to mid-size DSLRs with a 50 or 100mm macro lens, and weighs just 241g.

Kirk Low Pod $150 (£120)

This specialised piece of kit, essentially a stable mounting plate for a Ball head, allows easy low-level work for the macro-enthusiast. Made from cast aluminium, it comes with a large carrying handle and four-rubber feet for stability on a number of different surfaces.

Wildlife Watching Supplies – Double Bean Bag $ 51 (£21.72)

Featuring two-bags sewn back-to-back to provide additional support and greater stability in the field, the Double Bean Bag is a pretty low-tech but hugely reliable solution to the problem of working at ground-level. At the price quoted the bean bag is supplied unfilled and without liners. Use bird seed, rice, corn and the like to attract animals, or fill with polystyrene for low-weight.

Wimberley Plamp PP-100 Adorama  ($36.95), Wex UK (£29.99)

Using a similar concept of ball-joints to the Joby Gorlliapod, the Plamp is a semi-rigid arm that clamps to your tripod, or nearest stable object, and is used to steady your subject. Measuring 48cm in length you could always use a second to position a tiny reflector or hold back some stray grass.

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