Topaz Labs announce v2 upgrade for Simplify

Topaz Labs has announced an upgrade of Topaz Simplify, an art-orientated photo-conversion plug-in for Photoshop. Read the full press release, below.

Press release:

Our creative image simplification plug-in Topaz Simplify just upgraded to v2 and now includes significant performance upgrades, new user interface improvements, and many other extra features suggested by our amazing customers. This upgrade is free for existing Topaz Simplify customers and is available for both Mac and Windows.

Note that Simplify v2 uses a new license key so your old key will not work. To get your free upgrade key and complete upgrade instructions, visit the following webpage:

Topaz Simplify also has more useful applications than it may let on. In addition to just straight-up photo to art conversion, it can also serve to spice up backgrounds, create underpaintings for digital art conversions, and add a subtle and natural pop to photos. To see some neat samples, visit the new Topaz Simplify webpage.

In well-known award-winning photographer Richard Sturdevant's words, "I see so many unique possibilities for this software to be used." He demonstrates this to great effect with fantastic images done using both Topaz Simplify and Adjust.


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