Hahnemühle Anniversary Photo Award

In the year Sir Walter Raleigh was mounting a expedition to colonize what was to become Virginia in the United States, the Relliehäusische Papiermühle company was making paper in a town called Relliehausen near Dassel in Solling, Germany.

Today, some 425 years later, that company is better known as Hahnemühle, and is one of the leading manufacturers (if not the leading manufacturer) of Digital Fine Art (DFA) papers out there.

To celebrate their anniversary, Hahnemühle has announced a photographic competition with a prize fund totaling €36,000 (in non-cash prizes), and exposure for the takers of the 40-best images, which will be exhibited in the ‘photo capitals’ of the world.

For more information, including the entry form and requirements visit the Hahnemühle site here.


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