Adobe invites partners to participate in new Photoshop Marketplace

Press release:

Adobe today introduced Photoshop Marketplace to its partners and community leaders. Photoshop Marketplace is a centralised resource on where Adobe customers can find the latest Photoshop related resources, tools, services and events. In this initial phase, partners are encouraged to populate Photoshop Marketplace with product-related content that they can update and maintain themselves.
With Photoshop Marketplace, Adobe aims to connect its customers to the expansive ecosystem that has formed around Photoshop. Users will now have one central location to explore the resources available to them, including links to Photoshop communities, events, education resources, plug-ins, extensions and more.
Photoshop Marketplace will also foster interaction among customers visiting the site. Users can add community ratings and reviews, providing them with a place to share recommendations and comment on particularly useful tools.
At this time, Adobe encourages partners and community leaders to add relevant information to the Web site at Photoshop Marketplace will be fully functional and broadly available to all users in summer 2009.


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