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Have family or friends ever asked you to do their wedding photography but are anxious, -- if so what is the first thing you need to do?

If you have never done a wedding before, or maybe just a few, and were reasonably happy with the results but feel that you could do better then maybe you need to attend a course to learn from the professionals how they do it.

However in these difficult times not everyone can afford the time or expense to attend a course therefore the next best thing is to invest in Terry’s new Visual Guides.

Terry [Hewlett] is an award winning professional wedding photographer with many years experience who also runs his own successful 2 day wedding
photography courses as well as a creative light course combining ambient lighting with studio flash (Elinchrom Ranger – soon to be the New Quadra)

The Visual Guides are a set of 100 A6 PDFs’ on disc that can be printed out and taken with you to a wedding as guides for what, where and how to shoot particular images. We all know that during a wedding there is no time to practice or be indecisive and so these guide will provide you with a useful selection of poses, setups etc., to help get it right on the day

With such a small investment of £10.00 you will get Years of Terry’s knowledge and experience hopefully providing you with the confidence to create your own stunning images on the day.

The Visual Guides start with the Bride getting ready through to their 1st dance. All the guides include an image, how shot and some useful tips.

For more information on Terry’s guides and courses go to:


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