Sigma DP2 revealed

Sigma Corporation has revealed the upgrade to the maker's DP1 - an up-market compact featuring a physically large (20.7x13.8mm) Foveon CMOS sensor (the same sensor as that found on the Sigma SD-14 DSLR). Called the DP2, it shares the same body as the original but has a new 24mm (41mm equivalent) f/2.8 lens. More details and sample photos can be found here.

One of the original DP1's attributes, apart from the large size sensor, was the fixed focal length 28mm wide-angle lens. While the maximum aperture has been increased a stop to f/2.8, which is a big plus, I don't find the 41mm (equivalent) focal length in the new DP2 quite as attractive.

I'm sure it's a high-grade lens, judging by the examples on their site, but I would of preferred either a 35mm f/2, or maybe 28/24mm f/2.8 equivalent, but there again that may just be me.

I really liked the original, sure it wasn't perfect and most of my fellow reviewers felt it 'missed the mark' but it was innovative and, more importantly, inspiring. Don't forget, at that time the DP1 was announced the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 was just a sparkle in Jake Hirose's (General Manager for Imaging Products Worldwide) eye.

Perhaps what's needed then is for Sigma to flex their not inconsiderable optical-engineering muscle, and produce the DPI, boasting a range of interchangeable lenses. Just a thought.



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