Redesigned Think Tank Sunscreen Just Released

From the press release:

Processing and transmitting photographs from remote locations can be hard enough, but adding extreme sun, wind and other natural elements can be a real hassle. We have solved this problem with the redesigned Pixel Sunscreen 2.0. This portable spring loaded sunscreen instantly pops open for quick access. We have completely reengineered our previous version after extensive research and feedback from scores of professional photographers. After many months of research and development, our efforts have really paid off with the following features and enhancements:

Portability - Pixel Sunscreen 2.0 folds down into a small, round portable package that is easy to transport and deploy quickly.

Darker is better - Users can se their laptop screens in even the brightest sunlight now that we have added an overhead cover that extends beyond the top of the sunscreen. This new feature gives you added cover from sunrays reflecting off of your laptop's screen.

No Slipping and Sliding - In extreme conditions, photographers need to know that their laptop and sunscreen are safely secured on their laps. The Pixel Sunscreen 2.0 provides added security with the addition of a non-slip material on the bottom exterior fabric.

An uncluttered workspace - We have added strategically located cord and cable "slots" on the side and back. This allows your lap top to sit even deeper within the shaded area of the interior, dramatically improving visibility to your laptop screen.

In addition, there are now pockets in the interior so that you can place pens and pencils, and a movable "clip" for hanging printed material for easy reference.

Visit the Think Tank store of the DJP to order gear, and should individual orders exceed $50, you will receive a free Lens Changer 50 (or equivalent) with your order.


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