Canon announces 12.1 Megapixel PowerShot A1100 IS and PowerShot A2100 IS

United Kingdom / Republic of Ireland, 18 February 2009: Canon today gives everyone the power to take great photos, with the launch of the 12.1 Megapixel
PowerShot A1100 IS and PowerShot A2100 IS. For the ultimate in easy picture-taking, both models incorporate Canon’s new Scene Detection Technology – available via an improved Easy mode and new Smart Auto mode - for excellent results without effort.

Featuring optical zoom lenses of 4x and 6x respectively, the PowerShot A1100 IS and PowerShot A2100 IS are powered by Canon’s latest DIGIC 4 image processor. This allows both models to deliver fast, responsive operation and outstanding, rich, detailed images. Replacing the A1000 and A2000 respectively, the PowerShot A1100 IS is available in blue, pink or silver, while the PowerShot A2100 IS features a classic black design.

High resolution, high quality lens
Both cameras are capable of capturing incredible levels of detail by combining a 12.1 Megapixel sensor with a high quality zoom lens - allowing you to enlarge or creatively crop images while retaining outstanding image detail. With a 4x optical zoom, the PowerShot A1100 IS delivers a range of flexible framing options, while the PowerShot A2100 IS delivers extra telephoto reach via a 6x optical zoom. Canon’s optical Image Stabilizer technology helps guard photos against the blurring effects of camera shake.

Intelligent and easy to use
Both cameras incorporate two fully automatic modes: new Smart Auto mode and an improved Easy mode. These use Canon’s Scene Detection Technology, which analyses the shooting scene in detail – assessing subject brightness, contrast, distance and overall hue – and selecting from a choice of 18 possible modes to ensure optimal results for any scene.

Also featured are Motion Detection and Face Detection Technology, both of which offer improved performance thanks to DIGIC 4 processing.
Motion Detection Technology prevents blur by registering camera or subject movement and adjusting settings to compensate; Face Detection Technology detects up to 35 faces in a frame and automatically adjusts key focus and exposure settings so everyone looks their best. Canon’s i-Contrast allows users to bring out hidden detail – for example, in areas of shadow - by brightening dark areas in an image without blowing out lighter areas.

A wide range of shooting modes are available in each model, including dedicated Indoor and Kids & Pets modes. These take care of all the technical aspects of shooting in a host of common shooting situations. Users can choose to simply point-and-shoot for terrific results.

Designed for convenience
Both models feature high quality movies, capturing 30 frames per second for smooth results. Frame and review images and movies on the large LCDs – the PowerShot A2100 IS features a 3.0” high resolution screen with five levels of brightness adjustment, and the PowerShot A1100 IS has a 2.5” LCD plus the convenience of an optical viewfinder.

“Canon has raised the IQ of the PowerShot A-Series with the introduction of increasingly clever new technologies,” remarked Rainer Fuehres, Head of Canon Consumer Imaging Europe. “The PowerShot A1100 IS and PowerShot A2100 IS are practical, easy-to-use models designed to give anyone outstanding results.”

Pricing & Availability

The PowerShot A1100 IS is available from Mid February 2009 priced at £219.00 / €259.00 RRP inc. VAT.

The PowerShot A2100 IS is available from April 2009 priced at £259.00 / €309.00 RRP inc. VAT.
Key features:

12.1 Megapixels
Smart Auto and Easy shooting modes with Scene Detection Technology
4x/6x optical zoom (PowerShot A1100 IS/PowerShot A2100 IS) with optical Image Stabilizer
DIGIC 4 processing delivers fast response times, high-quality images and intelligent technologies
Combats blur with IS and Motion Detection Technology
People shots made easy with Face Detection AF/AE/FE/WB and Face Select & Track, plus FaceSelf-Timer and Auto Red-Eye Correction
i-Contrast improves dynamic range in shooting or playback
Available in Blue, Pink or Silver (PowerShot A1100 IS), or Black (PowerShot A2100 IS)
Range of shooting modes
2.5” LCD plus OVF (PowerShot A1100 IS); 3.0” LCD (PowerShot A2100 IS)
30fps VGA movies with sound plus Long Play option
Powered by AA batteries for convenience and flexibility


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